I miss this product, help me bring it back

I love this product, I use it almost everyday, version 1 was released in 1998, version 2, 1999. The product I’m talking about is PhotoDraw. This wonderful business graphics application, developed as Microsofts chance to enter the highly lucrative Photo-Editing market controlled by big names such as Adobe and Macromedia have been a tough one for the company.


PhotoDraw was their chance to get some attention, but when they didn’t see the results they claimed they wanted, they put it back in the closet. Many of us still don’t know why, but we do know it’s a big mistake. Microsoft claims PhotoDraw still exist, but has evolved into their Digital Image Suite of products. To be honest, they still do not understand that the level of sophistication found in PhotoDraw was powerful and easy to use one. PhotoDraw’s unique popularity lies in its integration and uniformity with Microsoft Office, that can’t be captured by Picture It! Sorry, no way.


I still have a lot of hope for this product and set up a petition a long time ago to see if I could get it back on the product line, but it has been futile so far. Won’t you help me fight the obstacle? Cast your vote today and we might bring back this exceptional product tomorrow or at least for Office 12 or 13, and show Microsoft that they really do have a winner on their hands.


Link to Sign Petition:




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