Technology 15 Year from Now

The success of technology in the future will greatly depend on its transparency. It needs to be weaved into our everyday lives without the knowledge of maintenance, support or any administrative task required of either software or hardware. The notion of self healing applications will be a detriment to many developers, users will demand that programs be 100 percent reliable, things such as service packs and updates should become a thing of the past, the only time a user should be required to alter an application is when a new version is released.


To accomplish many of these goals, a bit of artificial intelligence will need to be integrated into the development of software. Standardization and unity in many development communities will be a must, open and closed source. Strict adherence to common practices will be required in the development process of commercial software. Where does this all leave Open Source? Well, Open Source has a big future here, it will be a source for bleeding edge technology that is tapped by major commercial software vendors to include new solutions into existing products and standardize on and profit from.


A lot of this can already be seen in the Open Source community with the Open Source operating system, Fedora, a joint development effort between major Linux manufacturer Red Hat and the Open Source Community.


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