MOOL – The Evolution of Outlook Web Dav

Well, rumours have been circling that Microsoft is working on a subscription service that will integrate MSN Premium, Hotmail E-mail and Calendaring features with their Office Outlook PIM. But, a few months ago the company decided that their web DAV feature, which allows users to integrate Hotmail e-mail with Outlook, would be no more, because the service was still being exploited by Spammers.


Its obvious now that Microsoft wanted more out of Hotmail in terms of making a profit from the Service and we are now seeing the results of it. I’m still able to send and receive my Hotmail e-mail in Outlook, but the MSN Hotmail team had announced they would inform users when the service would officially ended.


I personally use the Hotmail and Outlook integration to view and backup my hotmail e-mails locally. I would be really disappointed if this feature was to go. Which leaves present users who use the feature in a position to start looking at alternative solutions such as Yahoo Mail or G-Mail, both of which provide large e-mail storage of mail. Yahoo supports Pop3 mail through Outlook, but it’s a paid for service, G-Mail is up in the air and its still in beta, but should and are looking like attractive migrations for me personally. So far, Hotmail has promised to increase its storage offerings to 250 MB’s to free Hotmail accounts but so far nothing has appeared.


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