I think my next computer will be from Gateway

I so want a Tablet PC, really, really, bad. And I’ve been eyeing the Gateway Tablet PC M275 Series. It looks sleek and still has all the functionality of a regular laptop. I’m not like some other Tablet users who feel that small, tiny resolution is the way to go when purchaing one of these devices. I want something where I can have this cool functionality ‘Ink’, and still be able to fall back on my regular old key board and I think the M275 provides all that and more.

And since I have Microsoft Office OneNote, it will only get better. I’m waiting until mid 2005 to see if they will get any cheaper and what new offerings Intel will have for their Centrino Chips and something that will of course be compatible with Longhorn Tablet PC Edition which I’m also hoping they will just merge with Professional Edition of Windows to create a new edition called Windows Longhorn Mobile Edition.

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