MSN Spaces Team – We Need An Admin Sign In – BADLY

Everyday when I wake, before I brush my teeth, shower, eat breakfast, the first thing I do is check my space. But its an annoying process, and a most obvious one. Why do owners of their MSN Spaces do not have a Adminstrator Web Page to log in to directly. Everytime I go to my space, I’m taken directly to the regular page for viewers.

I don’t want to go there, I don’t want to have to sign out and sign in back, its annoying. Just make a URL that is directly accessible the owner –

I wouldn’t mind having to sign in then, because I know that I’m being taken to the Admin page to update my blog, but its really rediculous for me to go through all this rigmarole. MSN Spaces Team, please, I’m begging, pleading, fix this issue.

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