WinFS: It’s Back!

The unified file system component of Longhorn may have been unceremoniously dumped from the initial shipment coming in 2006, but it will appear sometime later, according to Microsoft prez Steve Ballmer. This is great news for those who have guzzled the Longhorn Kool Aid, but I have to wonder what it means for IT. After all, a file system is’t like a new skin for Media Player that you just slap on and start using. I’s a bit more fundamental.

IT vets typically wait for version 2.0 of a Microsoft release before going into production. My guess is they’ll wait for WinFS (which hits beta when Longhorn hits gold) before moving to the new OS. The only real question is if they’ll wait for Longhorn 2.0.

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I personally believe you won’t see WinFS fully integrated into Windows until Blackcomb arrives. For now, just download the MSN Toolbar Suite.

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