A Few Draw Backs on MSN Spaces

Well, I found out a couple of things recently on MSN Spaces, there is maximum amount of List Modules that can be added to your blog, I think the amount is either 11 or 12. I need more list modules please.

Next up is comments, there is word limit, I personally believe that should be imposed by the creator of the space and not the MSN Spaces Team. Its actually annoying, its not like I’m not including paragraphs when publish big comments.


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7 responses to “A Few Draw Backs on MSN Spaces

  1. Lola

    Mi haffi sey sumting fi si yah lovely face on de page. I saw your title and thought you might be Carribean but I wasn\’t sure. Very glad fi find wey ye dey from. I\’m a tech lover too and I\’m loving your page. Mi haffi sey mi glad fi si yah dey single cuz a Jamaican computer nerd is probably my dream come true. lol! Naw, I just wanted to holla cuz your pic is so cute and you reminded me of myself. I live in the States though, and I\’m a huge computer nerd who loves dancehall and Jamaican everything (almost). But I know Carribean men av di bess wuk!

  2. Chris


  3. Andre

    Chris, I would appreciate it very much if you could get out of my life for good.

  4. Tahren

    Hah Andre, can you explain what is going on with the below two comments (including your own)? As for the limitations, I\’m pretty sure the Spaces team will remove/change them in time for the release of MSN Spaces next year.Insert good signature here,Loadsgood.

  5. painkiller_off

    How are you going to use these List Modules? Hehe

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