Chris Pirillo – “Hates Outlook” (What an Idiot)

Seriously, Chris Pirillo needs to go back to pen and paper. What’s his issue with Outlook so much? I have been using the Office PIM since 2000 and love every bit of it, especially 2003 which has made a drastic change for the good.

Chris on the other hand considers versions 2002 and 2003 to be the worst versions of Outlook (can anyone talk garbage like Chris). Outlook 2003 features a consistent look with its new pre-view pane, which simplifies the process of viewing and handling e-mail, prior versions were more awkward in terms of layout.

But to dis Outlook 2003, is really non-sensical, no needed comment. I believe the guy should just choose pen and paper and a roladex or simply Hotmail, because for him Outlook is not really necessary, he’s not connecting to a Exchange Server, sharing a calendar with colleagues, not accessing a global contact list like I am, not to mention integration with HTTP mail like Hotmail which keeps my e-mail data in one window. Back up is a cinch, the Outlook web dav (Hotmail) feature is one feature I especially love which makes it 123 for me to back up my Hotmail inbox.

So Chris, I would suggest you stop doing a dis-service to the Outlook community, because you are big disgrace to the product, so please stop using it.

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