Talking about Outlook Macros & Getting Things Done

Here is a great little Macro tip courtesy of Mike Torres for you live by, die by Outlook fans out their:


Outlook Macros & Getting Things Done

OK, I lied.  One more post before 2005.

Just a few hours ago, I talked about right-dragging emails to the Tasks button in order to create Next Actions, Waiting For tasks, or Someday tasks.  After I wrote about the problem I have with the GTD Add-in for Outlook, I realized that writing an Outlook Macro to do exactly what I want would be pretty trivial.  So I did a search for some Visual Basic code to take an email and create a task out of it.

This is what came up: KC Lemson, Create a task from an email

I made some modifications to the code, but they are pretty minor.  Here they are, in case you are interested:

  • I copied the macro three times to create three different macros (NextAction, WaitingFor, Someday)
  • I removed olItem.Delete because I don’t want to delete the original mail (I will file it separately)
  • In the WaitingFor macro, I replaced olTask.Subject = "Follow up on " & olItem.Subject with olTask.Subject = olItem.SenderName & ": "
  • I made the due date tomorrow instead of today, because if it is something I am going to do today, I usually just leave it in my inbox.  This line olTask.DueDate = DateAdd("d", 1, Date) replaces olTask.DueDate = Date.
  • I added this line: olTask.Categories = "Waiting For" after the DueDate line.  The Category value will be different depending on the macro; I used "Next Actions" for NextAction and "Someday" for Someday (surprise!)
  • I removed olTask.Save because I may want to change something before saving the task.

I also added some buttons to my Outlook standard toolbar next to "Send/Receive" and gave them recognizable icons.  KC talks about how to do this in this post.  Easy!

Outlook is so cool.

This post is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confer no rights.

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