The Worst Feature In Windows XP

For me its the CD Burning wizard, how unreliable it can be, one minute it works, the next its a complete disaster.

I burnt some files on my PC at home, (which has a DVD/CD-RW Drive), carried it to work, when I open the CD-RW on my computer work, the files I burnt at home were not there. How frustrating this was for me.

I ensure that both PC’s burn at the same speed, but I still get the same issue. Both computers are Dells, so why can’t they corporate? Many times I have erased the disk to start a clean slate, but the problem still persist, and files that I was sure I had erased still end up reappearing after I thought I had erased them a long time ago.

This is one feature I would love for Microsoft to offer an update for, because it is so inconsistent and it makes damn angry!


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7 responses to “The Worst Feature In Windows XP

  1. painkiller_off

    Did you really tried to burn CD\’s with Windows burner? Its only the second time when I hear, that someone did it!

  2. Unknown

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