Andre’s Microsoft Prediction’s Update for 2005

Beta’s, lot’s of them for 2005. The biggest of them all has to be Longhorn, which I know a lot of you are desparately anticipating and expecting. It will come in 2005, but don’t count on it necessarily being February, May or June 2005. A lot of challenges in the computer industry and at Microsoft are counteracting the planned schedule for a beta 1 coming anytime near soon.

The recent EU ruling, which requires Microsoft to un-bundle its Windows Media Player is one big reaon. This basically requires the Windows Team, to remove the component from all editions of Windows sold in Europe, from Home Edition to 64-Bit Edition. Ultimately this requires re-engineering and a fair amount of testing before it is made available to users. The reason for this is tied to Microsoft’s integrated strategy, over the years, components in Windows have become very dependent, integrated and connected with each other, making it difficult to disconnect everything that’s connected to it without bringing the ntire house down or affecting functionality in specific components.

So like I have said many times before, late June, (possibility) for beta 1 of Longhorn, (likely possibility), September 2005, announced at PDC 2005 and made available to testers in November 2005.

What’s getting ready for 2005 so far?

January – February
We know that Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (orginally expected Dec. 2004) should be here early in the first half of 2005. Next up is MSN Messenger 7, which has added some cool user experience features, such as Contact Cards, Nudges and Sign In Modes just to name a few.

Windows XP EU Edition (Windows Media Player Not Included)

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
Windows Server x64 Edition (Standard, Enterprise & Datacenter)

March – April
Expect beta 2 of Windows Server R2 to be widely available for testing.

WinHEC (Possibility of Longhorn talked about, but tiny amount information relating to System requirments, and start building Longhorn ready computers today theme.

Longhorn Beta 1 and Office 12 Beta 1 (maybe, maybe not), but you can probably expect final releases of SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 by this time, (don’t tell me you forgot about these two)?

MSN Desktop Search could also be released with MSN Messenger 7, but there is still a lot to be done, I expect to see some major improvements, so August is a best best for a final release. Will we also see a MSN Spaces final by that time? I think so.

PDC 2005, well, this looks like it, Longhorn Client Beta 1 and Office 12 Beta 1 announced, made available to attendees and available fully to testers in November (another quick refresher by Mr. Cooperman again why we should be interested still).  Presentations on recently released products such as SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, VS Team System, VS Tools for Microsoft Office 2005 and how developers can start harnessing the power from them. Next up is an overview of the past months, Windows XP Professional x64 and Server 2003 x64.

Released: Windows Server R2, Windows Server Computer Cluster Edition
Note: This would mean Microsoft has released two sets of Windows Server operating systems in one year. COOL! Volumen License and Licensing 6.0 Customers are going to be happy in 2005.

Longhorn Server Beta 1, Longhorn Client Beta 1 made available to select group of testers.

Aren’t you tired? I just went through 2005, dang, that was fast.

2005 is certainly turning out to be a busy year for Microsoft, not to mention the usual annual revision releases of products such as Encarta, Money, Works Suite, Digital Image Library (Picture It) and many more.

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  1. painkiller_off

    Lets wait for Longhorn…

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