2005 – The Microsoft Year

Trust me, it belongs to them. I believe the company has certainly made a lot of promises for the coming new year, and have really evaluated what should Microsoft be and mean to Customers, Businesses and Partners in 2005. What is that resolution specifically? Simple, to be open and honest. Its the best and only way the company can win and continue to have users trust in them.

In 2004, Microsoft had some of the worst highlights, and I believe all of that will vanish in the new year because of the new transparency and offerings they will display and have for us. If the company continues on this path, they will of course be successful. A lot of issues such as Security, Migration, Alternative Platforms seem to have been in the best interest of the company’s competitors, but the only way Microsoft can counter attack these tiny hindrances and keep them at bay is to explain to us and put on the table the benefits of a Microsoft platform, identify the key benefits over the so-called alternative solutions.

Microsoft needs to remind us, why we chose Internet Explorer, why we stay with Windows, why Microsoft products are best to run our business on top of. They also need to evaluate their competitors and bring to the table why FireFox does not provide the best experiences for surfing the web and preach to us that their is really a secure of version of IE called IE 6 SP2. Microsoft has the power, but we need for them to start using it. A website would be a great start to promote the exceptional differences of Microsoft products, solutions and technologies. I believe once customers see the comparisons they will think differently about jumping into problems. Make it clear to us please, so far you have started with Get The Facts Campaign, but make widely available to every aspect of the company.  


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5 responses to “2005 – The Microsoft Year

  1. Chris

    That was the most boring, silly piece of drivel I have ever read!

  2. Unknown

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