A New Definition of Stupid – Trisha

I do not consider my Blog as a tool for bashing, but desparate times call for desparate measures.

Andre – Have you ever meet me? Have you ever meet Chris Pirillo, whom you call an idiot? My guess is no, you haven’t. So why don’t you just shut your stupid mouth.

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Trisha, you define the word idiot perfectly, you must have invented the word because you are it for sure. Yes, I have communicated with Chris Pirillo, I have watched him on Call For Help since September 2002 including his 18 hour CFH Marathon to evaluate whether he is an idiot or not. I did not say he was idiot in general, I said he was an idiot because of the no reason for hating a product.


And don’t tell me to shut up, you are the one who chose to come to my Space and comment, this is "my space", my opinion, anything said here by you are or me, is my property. Trisha, I have evaluated the type of person you are and I have come to the conclusion you are nothing but an Air Head waiting to pop. If you don’t any better to say or do, go help your mommy cook dinner or celebrate New Years.


Again, your grammar stinks!


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4 responses to “A New Definition of Stupid – Trisha

  1. Chris

    Inmature little children shame shame shame

  2. Chris

    This guy is obviously a jerk.

  3. Chris

    Look at this guy\’s photo! He looks like a retard! I think he is retarded!

  4. Andre

    Please Finish, its 2005, don\’t bring the things of 2004 into 2005, its really ridiculous.

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