The Hypocrite I Am & The Boring Drivel I produce

If its one thing I believe, 16 and 14 year old idiots should not have blog, because they seem to only make illiterate comments:

That was the most boring, silly piece of drivel I have ever read!


Well, the reason why its boring to you maddskillz, its because you are young and naive, go learn your ABC’s before you make a comment or start a blog, you are nothing but a pathetic little rugrat looking for attention.

Andrews Ugly Boo
I recently said some things about Chris Pirillo and Microsoft Outlook; I called him an idiot because of his lack of a functional reason why he really hates the product. Later on I sent out a small little season greeting and blessed Christmas post. A comment was posted concerning the seasoning greeting and my bashing Chris by an unfortunate not so smart 14 year old. Read up:


This coming from someone who in the previous blog called someone else an ‘Idiot’ because they didn’t like something? I would say you are a hipocrite! 


First off, learn how to spell, the word is not spelt hipocrite, its Hypocrite. I’m a hypocrite; can a person who just started puberty talk more nonsense? If you read half the junk this child has on her space you are destined to suffer a brain haemorrhage. If I were her mother, I wouldn’t let her stay up until 11 PM on school nights and go out to movies by herself at 8 PM. The next thing I would do is ban her from having a boyfriend. A Fourteen year-old girl should not have a boy friend, she should be concentrating on her education and learn when to make a sensible comment.  


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22 responses to “The Hypocrite I Am & The Boring Drivel I produce

  1. Chris

    You sure are a mean and hateful person.

  2. Chris

    Mean people suck!

  3. Andre

    I\’m a mean person Trisha? Have you ever met me in person to assume that? Have you ever asked me for something and I never gave it to you? No! The definition of mean is unkind, not giving. Audra – I didn\’t say I hate anybody, I said I hate when people make stupid, illiterate comments and if they do, they should be banned. So far it seems that the comments are only coming from young naive teen pip-squeaks.

  4. Tahren

    Andre, of course your going to get backlash from making a rant. When Scoble made his letter to Billy G. (in rant form) he got a lot of people hating it. Any rant – even if it is for good intentions – will get someone not liking it.I had to agree with you on the rant Andre, Outlook is a great program and there isn\’t any mail program that matches it.Have fun ranting!Loadsgood.

  5. Trevor

    Andre I really find your blog\’s interesting. So much that I\’ve signed up for your Alerts. Maybe an option to not let children under 18 view our blog space is in order. Especially if the blog is in regards to an adult subject matter. A passport members profile can be set for adults only and I think this would be a useful option for Spaces. That would avoid some of the childish comments. Keep your views and insights coming. Obviously you are entitled to them as are the kids, good or bad feedback on them and all. The only difference I see is…let the kids play while the adults talk.

  6. Andre

    Thanks for the words of encouragement Canadianhawk and Loadsgood, I wish you both a happy and prosperous New Year.

  7. Chris

    Andre – Have you ever meet me? Have you ever meet Chris Pirillo, whom you call an idiot? My guess is no, you haven\’t. So why don\’t you just shut your stupid mouth.

  8. Andre

    Trisha, you define the word idiot perfectly. Yes, I have communicated with Chris Pirillo, I have watched him on Call For Help since September 2002 including his 18 hour CFH Marathon to evaluate whether he is an idiot or not. I did not say he was idiot in general, I said he was an idiot because of the no reason for hating a product. And don\’t tell me to shut up, you are the one who chose to come to my blog and comment, this is "my space", my opinion, anything said here by you are or me, is my property. Trisha, I have evaluated the type of person you are and I have come to the conclusion you are nothing but a Air Head with an expiration date.BTW, your grammar Stinks!

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