MSN Spaces Is not Compatible with Internet Explorer

Seriously IE was making curse badwords, I’m actually posting this from MSN Spaces in Mozilla 1.7, because everytime I tried access my Space in Internet Explorer, it would not go there, don’t know why so I decided to use Mozilla, and it looks like gonna have to continue using it.

Gosh, is the MSN Spaces Team really listening to me or anybody else? Why is it taking so freaking long to fix obvious issues with this service? Why can’t I have a immediate sign in to my Editors page, the sign out/in issue is still not fixed. When I type my URL in, it takes me directly to the previewe page, I WANT TO GO TO MY EDITORS PAGE DIRECTLY!. The Preview Page is the last thing I want to see! The reason I have a blog is to add CONTENT TO IT, NOT FREAKING READ WHAT I JUST POSTED!

Just give us a basic little URL like this:

What is so hard about that?

The MSN SPACES Team is not thinking at all, you need to understand how people use the service! Yes, its beta, but gosh, its the worst experience so far testing this product. I still get pop-up errors when I visit some elses space, its just disgustingly horrible, and irony here, its all happening in IE!

To be honest, if I were to rate MSN Spaces, it would probably get 5 or 6 out of 10. Fix the issues, please, I’m begging. And what kind of Servers are you guys running this service on Pentium II’s?

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