Talking about Billg on MSN Spaces

Wow, the Uber Geek himself Bill Gates has talked about it in this interview with CNET, MSN Spaces. I’m also glad to hear the Chairman & Chief Software Architect of Microsoft mention integration with Portal Server and Team Services technology, SharePoint in the future, and also integration with the next generation of Office Outlook (version 12, maybe). Congratulations MSN Spaces Team.

Another thing Mr. Gates point out is, maintaining your blog, and how it is important to continually post to, not because it is not visited today, tomorrow, a month from now or even year, does not mean you should stop immediately. It takes dedication, interest and little bit of passion to own a blog and actually post something on it everyday or every other day. And again, a blog is not only for Photo-Albums!


Billg on MSN Spaces

Bill Gates, the Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft for the two of you out there who don’t already know, talks about MSN Spaces in an interview with CNET  Here is a snippet (the red font is my pseudo-highlighter):

One of the big phenomena of the year has been Web logging. Has the growth surprised you?

Well, actually I think the biggest blogging statistic I know, which really blew me away, is that we’ve got close to a million people setting up blogs with the Spaces capability that’s connected up to Messenger.

Now, with blogs, you always have to be careful. The decay rate of "I started and I stopped" or "I started and nobody visited" is fairly high, but as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has gotten more sophisticated and value-added search capabilities have come along, this thing is really maturing.

And we’ve done some things in Japan and Korea that are unique blog experiments. The Spaces thing is a worldwide effort. It’s a great phenomena, and it’s sort of built on e-mail, and so we need to integrate more blogging capability into the e-mail world–and as we do the next generation of Outlook, you’ll see that. We need to integrate it more into our SharePoint, which is our collaboration Office platform, and then, as I discussed, MSN is embracing it so that instead of thinking about, "OK, I go to one community to do photos, one community to do social networking, one community to do this," we say, "Hey," off of Messenger, which has got your buddy list already, then, "Let’s let you do the photos and the social networking and everything–but starting in an integrated way off of Messenger."

Link: Gates taking a seat in your den

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