Carousel – Michael Jackson, Michael Sembello

I recently purchased Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Special Edition, and got two never released bonus tracks, "After The Dark" and "Carousel".

Carousel, I have to say is my absolute favorite and speaks of a simple life, a guy who has fallen in love with a Circus Girl, wirtten by Michael Sembello, Mr. "Maniac" himself. The song was demoed to be included on the Thriller album, but never made the cut and was substituted with the great "Human Nature", which has been sampled in so many songs.

One drawback though, is that the version of Carousel song by Michael Jackson on the – Thriller (Special Edition), is just a sample 1:49, which is disappointing. But thank goodness for the web. Because I stumbled across a website that informed me that Michael Sembello’s website has the full version, sung by MJ 3:57 and the demo version sung by Sembello himself, which is superb for a demo by the way. Its a great a sung and can be downloaded for free.

Download Michael Jackson – Carousel here
Download Michael Sembello – Carousel [demo] here

Also check out his website, he has other music there for download: Michael Sembello

Great music like this should never be lost or hidden!


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