My Final Thoughts on Windows Longhorn

It is coming, early or late, it is coming. Whether it is May or September 2005 for Beta 1, or April, May or November 2006 for the RTM, it is coming. Regardless of what anybody says, I will continue to stick with and make my predictions:


Beta 1 – Late October/ Early November 2005

Beta 2 – April 2006

RC1 – July 2006

RC2 – September 2006

RTM – October 2006

Worldwide Availability – November 2006


It is obvious, this is a get it right release of Windows for Microsoft, I doubt any of the scheduled dates you have read from any of the enthusiast websites. With the numerous editions of the OS the company has to test on a variety of hardware including JDP (Joint Development Partner) testing, internal deployment, it is obvious the short time frame for testing Longhorn is ridiculous specifically the individual betas. If I’m talking rubbish, what would you say about the information from another website that had seemed to sell its soul to the devil to justify the beta was coming in February 2005 while I continued to say that was ridiculous. That same person also said the last Milestone [M9] of Longhorn Code was to be frozen in December 2004, but its March 2005.


By the way, its not an OS that is going to be immediately upgraded to, company’s might wait a year or two before moving from older versions of Windows. Reasons include software compatibility, hardware purchases, upgrades and minor training and implementation scenarios.  Unless they have made tremendous improvements, which I think should be decided by the Beta testers. Some IT Departments might just wait until Longhorn Server is released and do both a Client and Server Upgrade/Migration at the same time. This release of Windows is something I think Microsoft wants to see Users rush to upgrade to, but not rush to release. So far the so-called “legit” schedules from “legit” Enthusiast websites are predicting a rushed release of Windows Longhorn.

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