Talking about Talking about: New Google Picasa 2

Picasa was actually identified as a innovative applications at one of the sessions at PDC ’03.


Talking about: New Google Picasa 2

I really liked the look and feel of Google’s Picasa 2. Some options I liked more then Microsoft Picture It Express. It really archived my pictures and most movies well. There’s definately google influence with the edit option I’m feeling lucky, Stars and the link to Blogger. It has really easy to use the editing options and view my library. What the heck is Hello and why isn’t this giving me an option to use my old account. I already have a Blooger account. (hasn’t been used in 2 months) IE crashed after installing the Hello activeX control too! The options to create screensavers, picture collages and movies are very basic and lame. The screensaver uses all my pictures, way back to 1998. The movie was created with whatever pictures where in the folder I was in, having no options to edit it that I can find. Picture collages was a little better. Yes I know it’s free but I got my beefs! I think the timeline was really cool although I would like to see bigger thumbnails. You can also email the pictures using Hotmail, your default email client, Gmail and Picasa Mail (Hello). I’m still undecided on whether I keeping this installed, maybe some more playing around first.


New Google Picasa
Picasa 2 has just been released. Picasa is a great tool that let’s you organize, print, edit and share your photos. Version 2 has some neat new features that include instant albums, labels, stars, advanced picture search. This is in my opinion, the closest equivalent to iPhoto on the PC.

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