AntiSpyware Beta 1 – Browser Hijack

I installed AntiSpyware (Beta) a couple of days ago. I have real time protection enabled and I have performed a number of scans but my browser keeps getting hijacked. I have the latest spyware updates. Does anyone have any suggestions on what is going on?




1.  Run your anti-spyware in Safe Mode.
2.  Quit going to those sites and downloading the junk.
3.  If you don’t have WinXP SP2, get LSP-Fix – a free program to repair damaged Winsock 2 stacks.
save it because you might need to repair the Winsock 2 stacks after removing the culprit. For WinXP SP2 this command will restore the Winsock stacks if you can’t connect after clearing the malware.

Go to Start | Run and type “CMD” with out quotes
In the command window type “netsh winsock reset” with out quotes
Then get CWShredder



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