Correlating the past with the future

For a long time, Microsoft laboured on its latest newest version of Windows for release in 1995. To effectively use Windows , you should have a reasonably powerful microcomputer system. This would include a ‘386 microprcessor or better, at least four times as much memory as required for DOS, and a hard disk drive.

Computer Essentials, Second Edition 1996


Most PC owners will find Windows NT far more than they need. It is most useful for engineers and others who use workstations and who require massive amounts of computing power at their desk. A second category of users consist of those tied together in “client-server” networks with “file server” computers.


Despite its power, Windows NT hasn’t been very popular. To run Windows NT, a computer must be configured with at least 16 MBs of main memory and 60 MBs of extra hard disk space. Some industry onlookers think Windows NT’s lagging sales are the result of its large memory and disk requirements.

Computer Essentials, Second Edition 1996


People are still talking in that same mentality. Regardless of the memory and hard disk requirements, Windows NT still turned out to be the number one client operating system, it was not tied to only one market, both businesses and consumers were using the operating system. Most of you who are disrespecting Longhorn right now are today’s industry onlookers who still don’t have a clue about Windows or Microsoft and continue to make these doomed predictions that actually turn out to be smelly farts. Its even worst, you are doing it when its still in Alpha Beta, which is even more ridiculous when you don’t even have the slightest idea of how beta 1 is gonna look or act.


Again, stop making bad predictions about the product, not until beta 2 should you be conjuring up your conclusions whether Longhorn is a dud or stud. Another thing is the “why its taking so long?” bashing. Windows 95 took just as long, its just that people then were not obsessed with Windows as we are today. I’m not sure but development of Windows 95 started back in 1992 when it was supposed to be released as Windows 93, but it was delayed and eventually released in August of 1995 instead. That was a four year timeframe between 1992 to 1995. Longhorn was not mentioned until mid 2002, with an expected release in 2006. Thats a 5 year time frame for development, not bad considering the changes in architecture since 1995, one extra year for development is not gonna kill anyone. So, just be patient and wait.

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