First Trojan To Directly Target Microsoft Anti-Spyware

The Register is reporting that the first trojan to specifically affect Microsoft’s Anti-Spyware program has been released. Called BankAsh-A, the trojan steals credit card and other info, turns off anti-virus programs (and disables the beta Microsoft anti-spyware software), deletes files on the computer and downloads code from the internet as well as installing more malware on the computer.


The trojan runs a key logger on infected computers, which captures all kinds of personal information. BankAsh-A is distributed via spam email. Sophos reports that users banking with Barclays, Cahoot, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Nationwide, NatWest, Smile and others are affected. Sophos are reporting that so far, the trojans has seen limited distribution.

Read the rest here
See Sophos Trojan Info

This particular issue has been fixed though by the recent definitions for AntiSpyware 5687.I have been using and recommending this product a few weeks back now. I’m very pleased to see Microsoft enter this crucial market, which is a natural process for the company, because they make Windows and know inards of the product, so it would make sense for them to acquire and develop a product specifically targetted towards protecting it.


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