Talking about MSNBC & MSN Spaces – Blog This!

This is nice, I like the tight integration that continues to proliferate throughout MSN and giving everybody a chance to be a part of it.


MSNBC & MSN Spaces – Blog This!

Check this out all you news junkies…

MSNBC now supports posting to your blog on MSN Spaces with one-click from any article!  Read the press release below for more information, or head on over to an interesting MSNBC article to try it out – scroll down to the bottom to "Blog This!"

Thanks to Travis (and team) & Scott for helping make this happen.  Cool stuff.


MSNBC – Press Release, a leader in breaking news and original journalism on the Internet, introduces Blog This, the latest communication tool designed to help online news consumers share information and ideas with friends and the public. Blog This allows users to quickly and efficiently write blogs related to specific news stories and immediately communicate their opinions to others.


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