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Yesterday I posted some information about 64 Bit and how Longhorn will probably be last 32 bit version of Windows. As 64 bit hardware will become very popular among PC buyers who want the best bang for their buck. I stumbled upon this great website that gives great insight into the technology itself. The author of the blog is member of Windows x64 Team, great site please do check out.


Here’s a snippet from his website about compiling Windows, really interesting:
At Microsoft, I’m told that we’ve switched to using x64 machines to compile our Windows operating systems, and the effects have been stunning.  Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 took 9 hours to compile on x86 machines, but just 3 hours on x64s.  Longhorn took 18 hours to build on x86 machines, but just 6 hours on x64s!

Update: Chris Hedlund, I would appreciate if you could stop using your nasty language on my blog, and I would also appreciate it if you could stop visiting my blog all together.


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