Even Microsoft-Watch is agreeing with me.

I keep on saying it, you won’t see beta 1 of Longhorn until PDC ’05, which is September when it will be distributed to attendee’s, then it will be distributed to a wider pool of NDA testers in November 2005. Read on, even Microsoft-Watch is coming to their senses.


Yeah, we called it, it seems. Looks like the Longhorn client code that Microsoft will likely release at its Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in very late April in Seattle will be a "preview" (a k an alpha of Longhorn client). Will Microsoft still be able to deliver Beta 1 in the first half of this year? We’re skeptical. We’re still predicting that the Redmondians will release a first beta of Longhorn around the time of the Professional Developers Conference in September. – Microsoft-Watch


Microsoft is sending mixed signals as to whether it will field more or fewer Windows releases. But our bet is more, more, more.  


The Windows team likes to pride itself on holding its cards close to the vest. But sometimes, that strategy backfires, as it did this week on the Longhorn front.

Microsoft execs have been making a concerted effort not to talk publicly about Longhorn. But that hasn’t stopped others from doing so. And this week, there were lots of conflicting Longhorn leaks:


  • Microsoft has at least seven Longhorn variants on the drawing board, including new small-business and an "uber" Windows variant, according to one Windows-watching site. (There’s no Windows Longhorn Reduced Media Edition on the list, but Microsoft’s still in denial about that one.)
  • Microsoft is paring back the number of Windows releases and is folding the Home, Professional, Tablet and Windows Media Center releases into one single Longhorn SKU, according to another reporter.
  • Microsoft is readying the next two Windows Media Center releases and doesn’t seem to have plans to fold any of the Media Center functionality into other Longhorn SKUs at all, according to a third site.

So, which of these, if any, is true? The Windows client team won’t say. Officials are clinging to the tired line that "it’s too early to talk yet about packaging plans for Longhorn." But wouldn’t you like to hear more about good old Windows XP instead?


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5 responses to “Even Microsoft-Watch is agreeing with me.

  1. Randy

    Let me get this straight. First, they are going to distribute Longhorn at the PDC, then they are going to distribute it to a wider pool of NDA testers. I\’m gonna put money on NDA testers getting first crack. Distributing at PDC would mean bitTorrent and crack in one hour, NDA not required.

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