Talking about 5000+ Spaces page visits

A really nice all around Space you should check out. One I personally consider the best in the Spaces Community.


5000+ Spaces page visits

Thanks to those who visited my space! I enjoy reading the views and insights of many of my readers. You can bet that everytime I go to my space I’m at the statistics page at least twice. I think I’m addicted to stats. I just wish that more people would share their views or interests and make their spaces site public.

MSN Spaces has really given me a chance to meet some interesting people. This social engineering thing really works, except for one incident with me getting blocked for some reason. I do appreciate what this has opened up for me though.

I also really appreciate MSN Spaces for both directly and indirectly giving me the chance to meet more then few Microsoft employees online. Not to mention it helping me become an official MSN Beta tester!

Thanks to all those who have taken some time on my space and shared theirs with me as well. Here is a list of people that have either commented on my space, trackbacked to my space, linked to my space or I just plain ole like their space.

Andre, OverdoLoadsgood, Lab Chick, Just Laura, Carnage4life, Eric, chaohuai, tdavid, Resource, Abbie, Peanut09, Messenger-Support, Mike, Deadites, Zaphodsheads, Dolpinsworld, CanadianspaceP.e.r.s.o.n.a.l S.c.r.a.p.b.o.o.k, Soundblog, DotNetSpace, warichardson, Butchy (musi-que), bbodenmiller, Mallory, Snoogans37, ChaoChun

I know there is a few more (and a couple that are private spaces), so leave a comment if your space was missed!


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3 responses to “Talking about 5000+ Spaces page visits

  1. Trevor

    Thanks Andre, I appreciate that bro! I still think your spaces is one of the nicest myself.Cheers

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