Talking about XP Service Pack 2 – Reminder

Well, I think its about time! Service Pack 2 offers a way better security experience compared to Windows XP’s initial release, from the pop-up blocker to a very much improved FireWall.


XP Service Pack 2 – Reminder


Having been over at one of my usual hangouts at I came across this (which I must say I forgot about). I had the RC1, RC2 and then Final Builds of SP2 so I’m covered. However if you have not installed it yet take note – and if you are a corporate user, perhaps you should remind your IT Department…..

The intent of this alert is to provide you with a reminder about the upcoming deadline around the date on which Automatic Updates (AU) and Windows Update (WU) will deliver Windows XP SP2 regardless of the presence of the blocking mechanism. This dateline is quickly approaching.

Based on customer feedback, Microsoft provided the ability to temporarily block the delivery of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) via Automatic Update (AU) and Windows Update (WU) in August 2004, so that our customers can complete their testing and implementation of their deployment mechanism for SP2.Beginning 12 April 2005 this temporarily blocking mechanism will expire and systems with Automatic Update enabled or interactively download SP2 via Windows Update will begin receiving SP2.

Note that this is also the scheduled day for the monthly cumulative release of security updates.Microsoft strongly encourage customers to take the appropriate steps to implement SP2 deployment decisions by that time. More information and guidance about this temporary blocking mechanism at source.


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  1. Laura

    Thanks Andre 🙂 The comments are much appreciated. I enjoy your space very much also, so much useful information. I love it!

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