MSN Spaces – Its Beginning to Become The Bane Of My Existence

MSN Spaces has been "pissing" me off all morning, seriously. I have gotten so many operation abort errors, I deserve to be in the Guiness Book of World records. It is obviously an obvious problem, so why can’t it be fixed, is the MSN Spaces Team saving it for dessert?

I have had a lot of problems that I have been putting up with in MSN Spaces and I don’t know if its some voodoo that has been placed on my Space and Internet Explorer 6 in particular, but it has gotten so annoying its not funny anymore.

Up until now, I have not gotten any clear explanation of what could be causing such a problem, which is beginning to look more like a feature on Spaces. For a product developed by Microsoft, I would not expect to see this level of errors especially for a beta. Everytime I type up a new entry, I have to make sure I copy before I publish in fear of time outs and losing my information.

Please, fix these problems!


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8 responses to “MSN Spaces – Its Beginning to Become The Bane Of My Existence

  1. Celtic_Warrior1888

    Andre, I\’m not sure if you have logged this with the Spaces Support team, but I have.I\’m afraid however, they don\’t believe it to be a problem. They have asked for some system info which I have reeled off for them. I\’ll let you know what they say about the problem – I\’m starting to get as p*ssed off as you!

  2. Christopher

    I also have had this error, although only on a single machine, and within two different operating systems. Both Win2k and WinXP have this error, and I have tried both IE 5 & 6 in Win2k, and niether seems to be any better.

  3. Unknown

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