AntiSpyware Beta 1 – Removing files from Quarantine

Your files are being held hostage and cannot be removed from Quarantine.


Bills Suggestion


If you specified to Quarantine, rather than to remove, it should be possible.

Tools, Spyware Scan, Manage Spyware Quarantine.


Let it sit at that screen—some persons have mentioned that it took 6 hours for the files to fill in properly.


If/when the files do fill in, once you have restored them proceed as follows:


Before you restart the machine, move or copy all the files to some other location–My Documents or an appropriate folder, just as long as you remove it from there.  Reports have stated that stuff disappeared AGAIN after the reboot.


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7 responses to “AntiSpyware Beta 1 – Removing files from Quarantine

  1. Laura

    Hey Andre. I love this site…so informative. I was wondering how much you knew about Three Degrees Beta. I was on the site and it looks really interesting. My question is do you use it and is it worth the download?

  2. Trevor

    AroundTheWayGirl, I just left a couple comments on your space an hour ago and now here you are again. I have 3 degrees. It allows you to create new 3 degrees/messenger groups to mass message, share music, winks and pictures to your group all at once. The musicmix option is really cool for sharing Mp3\’s to listen to with your group. Other then the musicmix option it\’s not really worth it to me. The songs take long to download off my friends and they are not even saved locally so i can use them in my own player. Not that I could find anyway. It also doesn\’t work well with default router configurations either. As far as I know, other then the music sharing option, messenger 7 can accomplish what 3 degrees does by clicking on Actions > Start an Instant message (in the main messenger window) and choosing what contacts you want to join. I believe the orginal purpose of 3 degrees a couple years ago was to show what features are coming in the future for messenger and peer to peer networks.Cheers

  3. Trevor

    BTW. I too think that Andre has a great informative site!

  4. Trevor

    Last comment I promise… doing a quick search I found this link that might help you decide. briefy looking further at this it uses tcp port 3587 and udp port 3540, so you will need to open them or even better forward those ports if you have a router.Cheers

  5. Andre

    I guess CH just answered it all for you, thanks CH.

  6. Laura

    Yes, many thanks 🙂

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