Microsoft Preps for the 64-Bit Wave

Microsoft is readying more than just 64-bit Windows releases. It’s also developing 64-bit versions of a handful of its key desktop and server apps.


Microsoft has made no bones about its plans to release new 64-bit versions of Windows client and server in the next couple of months. But until now, the company has said little about its schedule for porting some of its own applications to 64-bit systems.

During the past couple of weeks, Microsoft has begun to inform customers and partners of its 64-bit migration strategy for SQL Server, Exchange Server, BizTalk, Virtual PC and Virtual Server, and other key enterprise applications. Microsoft isn’t expected to expound on its roadmap at next week’s Intel Developer Forum. But the Redmond software vendor’s 64-bit plans and positioning nonetheless will loom large over the San Francisco show.


While Microsoft will continue to support 32-bit applications for the foreseeable future, within the next couple of years both the desktop and server worlds are going to be 64-bit, according to the Microsoft world view.


Microsoft is paving the way for 64-bitness with its soon-to-be-delivered Windows XP Professional x64 client and Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition server releases. Earlier this month, both of these products achieved Release Candidate 2 beta status. Microsoft officials say they are on track to roll out these new releases — as well as the Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 underpinning — in the first half of this year.


"Very soon (not in 2007 or later) there will be no more desktop and server systems that are not capable of running a 64-bit OS," said Microsoft employee Volker Will, a member of the company’s partner strategy and platform group, on his blog recently.


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The exciting part for me in this article is wave of products to come, espcially Virtual PC version 2, I can’t wait. Obviously Windows XP Professional x64, is a tremendous improvement over its 64 bit predecessor, which was only built to run on horrible in performance Intel Itanium processor. Like I keep on saying my next desktop is definitely 64 bit and yours should be too, it does not necessarily have to run 64 Bit Windows, since AMD and Intel have both cooked up right ingredients to run 32 bit Windows and Applications just fine without hitches in performance.


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