Microsoft Hires an Outsider to Run Longhorn Marketing

Microsoft announced late Monday that it has named former AT&T Wireless and E*Trade executive Michael Sievert as corporate vice president for Windows product management.


Sievert is replacing 17-year Microsoft veteran Tom Button, the current vice president in charge of Windows product management, who has been in that role since the summer of 2003. Button has taken a leave of absence due to family medical reasons, according to a corporate statement. Button is expected to return to Microsoft in a different capacity, company officials said. (Most of Button’s Microsoft career was spent in the developer division.)


Like Button, Sievert will spearhead marketing, product management and product planning for Windows client, including the Longhorn version that is due out in 2006.

Read the rest here

Lets just hope he can come up with a good product name for Longhorn, I think Windows e-Xpedition is rather lame.

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