WinFS To Be Available on Windows XP

Microsoft may not be willing to talk file-system futures, but it is working to back-port its future file-system technology to Windows XP.


Microsoft is back-porting its WinFS file-system technology to Windows XP, the same way that it is doing with its Windows presentation and communications subsystems, according to company officials.


The acknowledgement is significant, given that Microsoft has been reticent to offer any details on WinFS since the company decided in August to cut the WinFS information storage and retrieval feature from both the client and server versions of Longhorn.


Longhorn client is set to ship in 2006; Longhorn server in 2007, according to Microsoft.


Company officials have declined repeatedly to project when or how Microsoft would deliver WinFS to developers and customers. Microsoft’s silence had lead some industry watchers to speculate that WinFS would be relegated to the fate of "Cairo," the object file system that Microsoft touted throughout the 1990s but never managed to deliver.


A year ago, WinFS was slated to be one of the four main pillars of Longhorn. The other three, which are still set to be part of the next-gen Windows release, are the "Avalon" presentation subsystem; the "Indigo" communications subsystem; and the "Fundamentals" technologies that will improve Windows performance, security and reliability.


Microsoft decided to back-port both Avalon and Indigo to older versions of Windows — Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 — in order to maintain backward compatibility and help seed the application-development market, officials said. But it made no such promises for WinFS, which resulted in many developer, customer and industry-watcher questions about WinFS’ fate.


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Well, this is a very surprising one, I am at a lost for words really. I guess Longhorn is just another nice upgrade of Windows.

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  1. Celtic_Warrior1888

    I\’m sure such news is going to make even more people turn round and say "so what is the point of upgrading to Longhorn? Most of the pillars wil be available on our existing XP Platform".I\’ve already seen such comments and I\’m sure this will just fuel this debate.

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