Tiger vs. Longhorn

Relations between the users of Apple and Microsoft computers have never been particularly cordial. Windows users claim they’ve won the war for the desktop: all you have to do is look at the numbers and you find the most of the world using a Microsoft OS. Mac users point out a near total lack of security problems, along with a bombproof operating system that never seems to crash. (Then they sneer at the Windows masses.)


The truth is that both operating systems are powerful, especially compared to what either company offered a decade ago.


But while Microsoft’s Windows XP (news – web sites) is under a nearly constant assault from new security threats, Apple keeps pushing OS X forward with major updates on an annual basis. Apple’s next update to OS X, Tiger, should ship in the first half of this year, while Microsoft’s next major Windows upgrade has been pushed out to 2006.


Many pundits maintain that OS X’s security has less to do with superior code than the simple fact that there are so few Apple machines out in the market, the idea being that the bad guys concentrate their efforts where the numbers are, on the Windows boxes. Still, it remains that OS X users almost never get hit with security problems, at least compared to Windows XP users. (When’s the last time you heard of major virus, worm, Trojan or spyware activity on an Apple machine?)


A big part of that is the kernel, or core of OS X, which is built on an extremely secure open source code. Meanwhile Microsoft is struggling to rewrite its premiere OS into something more secure. That, of course, is still compatible with years of older applications.


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I respect Patrick Norton, but this overview of what to expect is a bit too bias, none of the vulnerabilities that Mac OS X has encountered were discussed, but he chose to discuss XP’s vulnerabilities like airing dirty laundry. I would prefer to stay with Windows than have migrate to Mac OS or Linux and be force conform to some environment. Longhorn will be good, and if people would just take a little precaution to protect their PC’s in the first place none of this would not happen. Have a Firewall enabled and updated, AntiVirus installed with definitions updated, AntiSpyware solution with definitions updated and stop visiting porno sites, I think we would all be safe.

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