Reporting live from the Microsoft x64 Summit in Seattle

"Raise the speed limit" is the motto of this event. Hope that I can share some of the cool demos and videos they’ve shown …


Just attending the x64 Summit in a nice Downtown Seattle hotel. This morning we had great speakers like Bill Gates, Hector Ruiz (AMD) and Dan’l Lewin, a corporate VP at Microsoft. We have an audience of about 300 industry experts and well know companies attending this NDA event.


Honestly, Bill was the best speaker this morning! But all speakers did an excellent job in explaining how far we’ve come since the early days of 8-bit or even 4-bit computing and Bill was talking about his early days of programming, sharing first hand experience from the days back when. Bill and Hector were pretty frank about the fact that transition from one architecture to another has never been easier in the Windows world; enabled by x64.


Read the rest here

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