AntiSpyware Beta 1 – Progress & Plans

Here is a list of requested and expected improvements for Microsoft AntiSpyware in the works, we just need to have patience. Some we probably might not see in this first release.


Improvements in performance and stability.

This is being worked on.


Able to remove/block spyware, adware, Trojan successfully.

I think this is critical for product success.


Limited account/multiple account support.

Look for this in a future release


Added features like auto quarantine when no response from user.

I have not thought about that, I will need to see if it is feasible.


Custom track eraser where we can choose any folder to erase.

We probably will not do this, since a user can just use explorer to do this able to change how long the pop-alert shows up. Interesting idea, will have to see if it is feasible.


Always block and  always allow for cookie and able to fix winsock when user cannot connect internet after removing spyware (so no more  kb article search, ask newsgroup for help and no more complicated step to have a internet connection).

This of course is getting a lot of attention, and we are working on fixing it in a future release.


Real-time protection should block spyware/adware automatically until the user gives an answer whether to block it or allow it because people sometimes take a long time to make decision on whether to block it or allow it and by the time they choose spyware is already getting in. Maybe we can quarantine the file no matter what and restore it if the user chooses to allow?

We have a chicken and egg scenario with this one. We either have to let the file stay, or delete the file and then perform the action the user wants.


Focus on the real-time protection first and then focus on removing spyware already on a infected computer second.

I think we will be focusing on all that and more.


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4 responses to “AntiSpyware Beta 1 – Progress & Plans

  1. CJM

    All are very good plans, just can\’t wait until the next MSAS release.

  2. Karl

    I have not been able to find where to post suggestions, so, I\’ll post some here. 1. Add a setting where actions could be defined by the user or admin. (Template?) It is quite annoying to have to review what actions to take on spyware that is detected. 2. Allow ALL alerts to be stopped. The current format is confusing under Options/Alerts and does not seem to decrease the number of popup alerts. What exactly is Enable blocked alerts? and Enable allowed alerts? Do you mean: Enable alerts where the action is blocked? and Enable alerts where the recommended action is allowed? I know it\’s a beta, but it is confusing. We need a disable all alerts option.3. Allow all recommended actions to be accepted.4. Add automatic updates at system shutdown.

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