10 Features Longhorn needs

The next version of Windows really does need to take things to another level.


Let’s face it, Windows XP is basically Windows 2000 with some fixes and cosmetic enhancements.


Longhorn needs to be much more than that.  Here are a few things I think it needs:

1) New display system. This is what Avalon is supposed to address. The new display system needs to let us always run our systems as the maximum resolution our monitor supports and have the DPI (dots per inch) be fluidly scaleable without impacting software compatibility.  I shouldn’t have to run my laptop at 1024×768 in order to be able to read text if it supports 1600×1200.  I should be able to run at 1600×1200 and size everything on the fly to be bigger. 

2) Updated Searching.  Google Desktop search only exists because the Find Files feature of Windows is essentially useless.  I should be able to quickly find something on my system instantly. 

3) Smoother Multitasking.  Windows still sucks at multitasking.  Even when running on an SMP box, if the OS is "busy" doing something, you still can’t quickly do something else.  I eventually gave up on SMP since on Windows it’s only good for CPU bound tasks and doesn’t really affect multitasking efficiency very much (on MacOS X and OS/2, for instance, SMP basically made it so you could always be doing something in the UI, but on Windows, the UI is apparently not as multithreaded as it could be).

4) More Componentized. Whether we’ll get Microsoft to make it so that pieces of Windows can be replaced or inherited from remains to be seen. I would like to be able to easily add more views (no, Ishell stuff doesn’t cut it) to foldrers.

5) Stop bloating with needless bundling.  Every new version of Windows throws in some half-assed immitation of third party software.  While we can all appreciate having a "free" version of ZIP or uxtheme or movie maker, it damages third party software development. I’d rather think that when I BUY my copy of Windows that the work was put into features that only the OS vendor could do.  Especially since Microsoft rarely puts any effort to let third parties expand on what they bundle (like adding RAR support to the compressed folders for example).


Read the rest here


He forgot number 11, it needs to reach beta 1 to do some of those 10 things.

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