Talking about New MSN Spaces themes!

And I definitely love my new theme!


New MSN Spaces themes!

Karen talks about some of our new themes!  Read on to find out what’s new and what may be coming soon.

My favorite themes are the simple ones with the white background (like this one!) – I guess I am just not the flashy type.  But the transparency effect is pretty slick on some of the new themes.  Check them out!

And if you don’t have a Space yet, what are you waiting for?  Get one now

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One response to “Talking about New MSN Spaces themes!

  1. Laura

    WoOT! for new MSN Themes. Darn tootin\’ I was excited, I\’m wondering how long it will take me to go through this bunch :P. I like the new look here, it is very clean. I\’d probaby pick this one like this if I wasn\’t such a Star Wars junkie. LoL.Great info as always Andre. Keep it up =)

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