Q&A: Microsoft Realigns U.S. Sales Structure for Better Customer Service and Deeper Industry Focus

By making significant investments to put more resources in the field, the VP who heads Microsoft’s North America sales force, Bill Veghte, says the company can provide deeper industry-specific expertise and greater local presence.


PressPass: What are the changes you are making to the Enterprise Sales team?


Veghte: There are two important changes that we’ve put into motion this week. First, we are implementing a strategic realignment that will enable us to provide a more consistent customer experience — one that includes deep industry expertise, technical specialization and rich relationships at a local level. Second, we are making significant investments that will put more resources in the field organizations so that we can deliver the right resources, against the right opportunity, at the right time.


PressPass: Why realign the enterprise sales force? And why do it now?


Veghte: Customers are asking us for it. They are facing complex business challenges, and they have told us they want us to help them. As our business has evolved over the last five years, and our product portfolio has grown larger than ever before, we have a wealth of technologies, products, services and partner-based solutions to address customer needs. We are being asked to position those for customers in great technical depth and in the context of their specific industry. By doing that with our customers, we can unlock enormous potential to improve our customers’ businesses.


Second, when I look at the next 12-18 months, I cannot help but get excited. There are some incredible products in the development pipeline. We have ground-breaking new products including "Longhorn," the next generation of the Microsoft Windows operating system, as well as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and server advances like Microsoft SQL Server 2005. These products will help our customers do extraordinary things; to enable that, we must have the right resources in place and work with our partner community to provide excellent sales, service and support. When customers are ready to upgrade to these innovative products, we must be ready as well — this means readying our sales and partner management organizations now.


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He got me excited about Longhorn!


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