MSN Spaces Review by Paul Thurrott

You may have heard of blogs (or "Web logs"), a new name for something that’s existed since the dawn of the Web: Personal Web sites, updated regularly, containing any kind of information imaginable. Bloggers–i.e. those who maintain blogs–might argue, however, that blogs are different in some ways from personal Web sites. For example, many blogs are dedicated to a certain topic, like politics, technology, or a love of cats. Those blogs are generally as uninteresting as they are innumerable. What’s really interesting about some blogs–and about the capabilities in Microsoft’s free new blog service, MSN Spaces–is the same thing that’s been interesting about the Web since its inception. Blogs provide people with a way to publish information on the Internet at little or no cost, and with little or no technical expertise. In a nutshell, blogs, like any personal Web site, are about giving power to the people.


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