Tiger’s Out This Week. No Bull.

May 2 issue – It’s Steve Jobs’s plan to make this the Week of the Tiger. But Bill Gates and his minions at Microsoft are crying bull—specifically, a Longhorn steer. Despite the zoological bent, this dust-up is not about animals, but operating systems; Apple and Microsoft just happen to have named each of their major system upgrades after beasts of the realm. This Monday, Bill shows off the future of Windows, a.k.a. Longhorn, at a developers’ conference. The oohs and aahs may be tempered by the fact that the hundreds of millions of Windows users won’t get their hands on it until holiday season, 2006. (Unless it’s even later.) On Friday, Jobs proudly presents the latest Macintosh OS X upgrade, named after that big striped cat that he always seems to have by the tail. When can the 25 million Mac users get their hands on Tiger? This year. This month. That day. Growwwl.


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You can’t compare an expected 730 million Windows users by the end of the year to 25 million Mac users, thats an insult.

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