Pinned: Longhorn Server will ship 64bit by default.

Just attended a session at WinHEC. Vice President Servers and Tools Bob Muglia hosted the session. Here’s some stuff from that session.


Longhorn Server will ship default, does that mean no 32 bit? No, there will be 32bit but pre installed machines will have 64bit editions installed. Think about it, we’re talking 2007 when LH server will be relaesed and 64bit server computing is getting mainstream as of today, just look at server hardware which you can buy now. Even better Longhorn Small Business Server will ship ONLY in 64 bit.


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Interesting bit there about Longhorn SBS

Microsoft delays most of its NGSCB security plan

Microsoft has postponed most of its Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) security plan, company officials confirmed. Only a sliver of it will appear in the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, due out late next year.


Microsoft unveiled NGSCB, formerly known by its Palladium code name, in 2002. A year ago the company said it was retooling the technology so some of the benefits would be available without the need to recode applications. The vendor promised an update by the end of 2004. But it has remained silent, fueling speculation about delays and the demise of NGSCB.

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Well, there is always Longhorn Second Edition!


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