Shameful Comments by Chris Pirillo [Longhorn 5048)

I have been reading some of the comments across some of the Windows enthusiast websites concerning the latest pre-view build of Microsoft’s next version of Windows code named Longhorn (Build 5048). It is embarrassing to know that they actually allow people like these into technical conferences such as WinHEC just to bash products still in development and make stupid comments about it. The most stupid comment comes from Chris Pirillo otherwise known as the dumb terminal. I would have expected that Robert Scoble would have informed him about the development process of Longhorn, long ago.

Here is the comment Chris Pirillo made:
When someone asked why they were doing this, Chris Pirillo quipped, "because it looks like #$%," which I thought was the appropriate response.

Paul Thurrott (Day 3 WinHEC Blog)

For someone like Chris to call himself a Windows Enthusiast is an embarrassment to the entire Windows community. You are commenting on a product that is still obviously in Alpha stage, software that is targeted specifically to hardware developers, not UI designers, build 5048 does not emphasize on anything about User Experience, that is what beta 2 is for. Microsoft has made it clear that the present build of Longhorn is not final and should not be judged until beta 2 when users will see and understand what the final product will look like. Yet Chris publishes a rubbish heap of babble on his website that just makes him look and sound even more stupid.

If I wanted to critique Longhorn I would have at least had the decency to wait until beta 1 or PDC to start casting judgment. I believe that Longhorn will be an exceptional release of Windows in its final state. So far it is a long journey to that special promise land. Microsoft is already beginning to take the first steps by working with the people who are most important, the hardware manufacturers (OEM’s) who will start to create the hardware today that will run Windows Longhorn in the near future. Chris did not seem to realize that, and decided instead to make the most stupid assumptions about a product that is still a year and a half away.

Chris should be using his time more wisely and start dedicating it to Mac OS X and Linux, Lord knows the Windows community would not miss him one bit. His babble about Power Users does not make an iota of sense, its just garbage, garbage and more garbage! Probably Chris was expecting Longhorn Build 5048 to make him break fast in bed or get his old job back at Tech-TV, but surprisingly it didn’t happen with Shannen or Arvinds preview presentation. I respected Chris before this and even excused his annoyance with Office Outlook, (I still don’t understand why he hates and still uses the product, its beyond me). But his unnecessary disrespecting of products has pushed me to post this. I just hope he can start thinking about what he is saying before he puts cursor to electronic paper. I am not a Microsoft apologist, but I believe everybody deserves their fair opportunity to make their point, in the case of Microsoft its beta 1 of Longhorn; Chris did not give them that chance.



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30 responses to “Shameful Comments by Chris Pirillo [Longhorn 5048)

  1. Guido

    Couldn\’t agree more (Y)

  2. Aayush

    Given he ambitious project like that of Longhorn, a delay on part of Microsoft is not something that bad. Afterall estimation is still one of the most difficult things in Software Engineering.Such comments increase the FUD over the stuff that is still not even in Beta1 and such comments from a "Microsoft Enthusiast" don\’t help either.Channel 9 team have done a great job to directly take the interview of Jim Allchin and bring out to the people the real story going behind Longhorn. It is commendable how CHannel 9 team is consistently trying to bridge the gap between developers and the product teams at Microsoft. I have written some stuff about them –!1pM1I_aCkOdHJ4-AHGwSoX7Q!582.entry

  3. Jean-Christophe

    I read a lot of similar comments these days too.Don\’t you think it comes from the fact that the \’eye-candy\’ we are going to find in Longhorn was unveiled and promoted too soon and before anything else (eg: technology under the hood) ?

  4. Unknown

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