Intel: Office, Longhorn will spur PC sales

Although they’re not imminent, Intel expects forthcoming versions of Microsoft’s most profitable products, Office and Windows, to boost demand for business PCs, a senior Intel executive said Thursday.


"There are a number of very interesting business intelligence advancements within Office 12," said Abhi Talwalkar, one of two senior vice presidents of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group, speaking at a conference with financial analysts. "We’re gong to see that be a significant driver in terms of growth, as well as Longhorn, in the future."


Longhorn, the next version of Windows, is expected to require higher-end PCs and with ample memory and fast graphics, though lower-end systems will run in a mode that’s more drab. Microsoft has been cagey with details about Office 12, but the company plans to link the product directly into server software.


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