MSN Toolbar 1.2 now with Tabbed Browsing

From MSN

– NEW! Browse smarter with tabs  – Switch between Web sites within the same Internet Explorer window

– NEW! Find anything – Search the Web any time, anywhere, and easily locate documents, e-mail messages, and more on your PC

– Shop faster – Fill out online forms with one click

– Access MSN services – Get one-click access to Hotmail, MSN Messenger, and MSN Spaces.

Download here

Commendable, but so far there are a few drawbacks.
– I don’t have the option to open a link in a new tab, only new window. I thought they were copying Mozilla?

– The MSN Space “Add Item to List” modal webpage dialogue prevents you from switching between tabs.


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12 responses to “MSN Toolbar 1.2 now with Tabbed Browsing

  1. Zack

    Hey Andre!You might know me from the R2 newsgroups; absolutely love the site. I\’ve been on it many times just only now written a comment. Would it be possible to link to my blog maybe?See you in the "cafe" LOLZack

  2. Overdo

    If you\’ve enabled tabs, right click a link and choose open in new foreground/background tab.PS: The version number is actually 2.01 for the toolbars and 2.02 for the Windows Desktop Search component.

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