Mary Jo Foley ask: Should I Be Spanked?

From Microsoft-Watch
Some Microsoft advocates say so. I say they are confusing the message with the messenger.  Welcome, readers, but I bet you’ve surfed to the wrong place: Despite the racy headline, we’re talking Monad (with an "m," not a "g").


So what’s with the spanking reference? Some Microsoft advocates over on the Channel 9 Web site seem to think that’s what I deserve for telling the truth about what’s happening with Longhorn. (Note to Mr. ManicKernel on Channel 9: You are the one who needs a spanking. And then to be put to bed with some warm milk and a pacifier. All IMHO, of course.)


I won’t even broach the issue of whether anyone would suggest a male columnist be "spanked" for daring to rage against the Microsoft marketing machine. That’s the subject for another column. Or 20. Or 50.


I am talking about much more mundane and family-friendly topics in this column. Specifically, the .Net Framework 2.0 and "Monad," the scripting shell that was supposed to debut with Longhorn, the next version of Windows.


I recently had the audacity to point out that Microsoft is talking about Longhorn very differently from how it tackled the subject at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in 2003.

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My Take
I agree, Mary Jo is just the messenger. She has done a good job of trying to communicate the fundamentals of Longhorn, and in the process has encountered some disappointing stuff. Longhorn I have to personally say is confusing and complex in its direction. Microsoft needs to finish with the secrecy and come clean to all of us about what Longhorn is really all about. This has been going on since 2002 and I think its time they stop this beating around bush crap. Its a disgrace to the Company, its employees and customers.

What is Longhorn really all about? Give us an immediate understanding in lay man terms of what the fundamentals of Longhorn are really all about. Tell us what we will get and what we won’t get in Longhorn. Tell us definitely when Longhorn beta 1 is really coming, stop the secrecy with Internet Explorer 7, innovation on IE stopped a long time ago, Mozilla and FireFox has litterally beaten it and the only way you can regain reassurance in IE is to start coming clean with us again. Either tell us you are going do what they are doing and even more and let me tell you what it is, thats the kind of talk I want to hear. Secrets don’t work anymore Microsoft, they just don’t. Hiding what Aero Glass is going to look like doesn’t make an iota to me, the Windows users around the world or the Linux community, we have an understanding of what it will look or at least we know where you are heading, so just show it to us and let us move on. If Linux copies it fine, does it necessarily mean companies are going to migrate to Linux because of a stolen UI? No!

So, Microsoft be honest with us, is Longhorn a major upgrade from Windows XP, or is it just an upgrade with nice stuff that won’t be realized until the next decade?


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4 responses to “Mary Jo Foley ask: Should I Be Spanked?

  1. Márton

    from asks:"If you are correct why are Microsoft keeping so tight lipped about it? Isn\’t it in their best interest to get people excited about Longhorn?"Larry Osterman\’s ( ) answer:"Because it\’s just hype right now. Don\’t forget – the release isn\’t going to happen until somwhere between 6 and 18 months from now. That\’s a long time to try to sustain excitement.We tried the "build hype" thingy before. And it blew up in our face when we had to change our plans.So nowadays we\’re being a lot more conservative. So we\’re not talking about stuff that\’s in development, only stuff that\’s checked in.There are a bunch of things that HAVE been talked about/shown. Glass, for example. Even in the PDC build, you\’ve got some massive improvements in the shell user experience (virtual folders, etc) that are quite cool.And in addition, we want there to be some surprises when people finally get Longhorn."

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