Microsoft Shares More Clues About Longhorn Server

From Microsoft-Watch

Longhorn Server Beta 1 looks likely to hit by August. And Microsoft is considering a future home version of its Windows Server product, too. 


Microsoft is continuing to drop new clues about what users can expect in Longhorn Server, the version of its Windows Server product slated to ship in 2007, and beyond. During an online Web chat on Wednesday, Windows Server Senior Vice President Bob Muglia touched on everything from a possible new home version of Windows Server, to the future of Active Directory.

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A home version of Windows Server would be certainly interesting. A friend and I were discussing this a few months back and the idea came up as an appliance Windows Server, that manages household appliances such as your refridgerator, stove, heating, alarm system and other aspects of your house as devices on a network managed through a watered down version of Active Directory. Inclusion of media management would also be cool and eliminate the need for Media Center, I think this would make it a more dynamic experience for the user, we can only hope that Microsoft does go forward with such a plan, its about time I say.

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