AntiSpyware Beta 1 – Definitions Update [5729]

There are new updates for Microsoft AntiSpyware beta 1 Refresh Update Build 614 today. To ensure you have the latest definitions, click Help > About Microsoft AntiSpyware > under "Microsoft AntiSpyware system information:


Spyware Definition Version: 5729 (6/25/2005)


You can acquire the updates by ensuring you have AutoUpdater turned on (Options > Settings) or File > Check for Updates (Manual)


Please note there are some issues obtaining this update, if you are experiencing problems, please re-download the 614 build of Microsoft AntiSpyware and do a manual update again from the file menu.

Download Microsoft AntiSpyware Refresh Update build 1.0.614 HERE


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6 responses to “AntiSpyware Beta 1 – Definitions Update [5729]

  1. Ken

    The build still have problem on updating 5729. The def did updated to 5729 but it will keep updating whenever u try to check for update.I believe this is something to do with the proxy ? as i didn\’t have this problem when I do a direct connection.

  2. Unknown

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