Bill Gates takes the stage at Live8


Microsoft boss wows the Hyde Park crowd…

Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates made a surprise appearance at the Live8 concert in London’s Hyde Park today to urge world leaders to do more to ease the problem of Africa’s crippling debt and extreme poverty.

Gates’ presence on a stage shared with the likes of Elton John, REM and Coldplay may have seemed out of place to some but he was also in the presence of famous friends and fellow humanitarians such as U2 singer Bono.

Gates was introduced to the crowd by Live8 founder Bob Geldof who praised the charitable work of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and hailed the software tycoon as the world’s most important philanthropist.

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I don’t see anything strange or fascinating about Bill Gates at Live8, since we use his company’s technologies everyday, whether its listening to music, productivity work or surfing the web, we are connected to him in some way. Most important of all is his philanthropy through the Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation which seeks to eliminate the biggest problems around the world today in terms of lack of medicine, food and terminating poverty in the developing and third-world countries. So Live8 is really a big part of what Bill Gates is all about.


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10 responses to “Bill Gates takes the stage at Live8

  1. Overdo

    Would anybody else from the tech industry have had the same effect on the crowd? I doubt it somehow.

  2. Andre

    Larry Ellison would try to sell the benefits of Oracle E-Business Suite to the crowd. 😉

  3. Overdo

    Steve Jobs would… ermm lets not go there.

  4. Unknown

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