Is Longhorn Build 5203 a BETA 2 Branch?

From the WinFX Newsgroups
Lots of persons have been claiming including Paul Thurrott that Longhorn Build 5203 is a forked branch that will continue on the path to BETA 2, but this is not true. Here is is an update from Mike Brannigan:
"That is not strictly true. It has everything to do with Beta 1. That build is now old and close the point where we forked prior to the drive to final Beta 1.  We have done more work on the Beta 1 build with regards to bug hunting and stability on that build when compared to the fact that 5203 is just a daily build (features come and go, app compat and stability may not be the primary concern for that build etc) and now already past. Remember Beta 2 is months away so that build will bare little relation to Beta 2."


Mike Brannigan [Microsoft]


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