Hurricane Emily: Good Riddance

Well, the storm has finally past! "I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see obstacles in my way"

My yard was flooded out last night and there were so many obstacles lying around, zincs, tree logs and few dead chickens from the neighbors. But all is well, the Sun is back out and the clear blue sky is a sight to see. Thankgoodness though, it could have been worst, last year when Hurricane Ivan swept through Jamaica I was without electricity for nearly a month, (it was horrible).

Some folks had it rough, houses either crumbled with them in it or blew over their head. Someone was recalling an experience during Hurricane Ivan where they had to go over to a neighbors house to stay because their roof started leaking. When they went outside, the rain was like needles sticking them in their faces. So, thank goodness Emily was not as bad, but I must say it left some huge crater pot holes on the road.

More Hurricanes are expected to past through the Caribbean this year and its just the beginning of Hurricane which is suppose to end in November, so far its 2 out of 15.

I want to thank everyone for their concern, kind thoughts and encouraging words, I really appreciate it and they kept me going through out the night!


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15 responses to “Hurricane Emily: Good Riddance

  1. Trevor

    Glad to hear you are alright Andre! I hope there where no more deaths, other then the chickens. Best of luck during your hurricane season.Cheers

  2. Jamie

    My brother had his flight cancelled from Norman Manley due to the hurricane. Hes currently stranded just outside Kingston (hes only 16). I hope they can rearrange the flight without any further costs.

  3. Andre

    Unfortunately CH, there were human deaths, on the news last night it was reported that a car traveling with 5 passengers slid off a road into a kind of gully about 70 feet deep, they all drowned and were covered in mud. A five month old infant was also found clutching in the arms of her mother. Really, really sad. :(Jamie, your brother has to rebook his flight and might end up being stuck in Jamaica for another week. Persons who had flights scheduled to leave Jamaica after the Hurricane are the ones who have high priority on the airlines list. Persons prior to the hurricane or should have left island on the day of hurricane are in a lot of trouble (rebook).I\’m sorry about that, the airline is claiming it is doing its best, but sadly its not working.

  4. Jamie

    Air Jamaica have done a good job. He should be landing in the UK shortly :tu

  5. Andre

    Glad everything is back in order Jamie 🙂

  6. Trevor

    Wow, bless there souls!

  7. Mohammed Imran

    Hey andre, a small help, can u tell me which font are u using and also the size? coz u see i need more unifrom consistency in my blog too, u know something like neat and clean stuff.

  8. Andre

    Hey Iman, I have wanted to post about the font issue, thanks for bringing it up. The default font MSN Space uses is Tahoma size 8.5

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